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Veganbottle GO is the first biosourced water bottle100% vegetable and made in France

Let's limit the use of water bottles #EveryWhereWithMyVeganbottleGo

gourde végétale réutilisable fabriquée en France

A linen cap and a unique design 

The use of the gourd is a tradition inherited from nomadism. 

Its function is to have water available at all times.

The challenge today is to reduce waste, pollution and preserve our resources.

Veganbottle GO Eastlight 70g,

in format 500ML.

Possibility of personalize the cap by laser engraving and stick a pellet (compostable label).

It is sold exclusively to professionals, associations, sports clubs, festivals, companies, events.

To keep it for a long time, do not put it in the dishwasher.

  • Manufactured by LYSPACKAGING

  • Made in France

  • Packed in boxes of 50 pieces

  • Does not contain petroleum

  • 100% organic

  • Reusable

  • No heat >45°

  • End of life: industrial compostable, landfill, incineration

  • Biodegradedwheat, compostable EN13432 standard

  • Free of bisphenol A, antimony and bromine

  • No end-of-life toxicity (NFU44-051) upon biodegradation in soil

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