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The most ecological drinking water in the world!!

Veganbottle GO is an exceptional drinking water because it is made without a drop of oil from plants (sugar cane), a renewable resource.

Veganbottle GO (500ml) is a unique drinking water that brings together all the ecological assets:

  •     plant,

  •     biodegradable, compostable (less than 85 days in industrial composting),

  •     without endocrine disruptors (without phthalates or bisphenol A ...),

  •      without any toxicity at the end of life,

  •      unbreakable,
  •      reusable,

  •      easy to carry, light (about 70g)

The ideal drinking water that accompanies you every day

Veganbottle is a healthy and ecological drinking water that is suitable for the well being of the whole family whether at home, during business trips or leisure. Practical and moose, it will be a gift appreciated by all your friends.

A veganbottle GO bought = 1 tree planted in Madagascar

​Program zero greenhouse emissions. VeganbottleGO plants a tree for every gourd purchased to neutralize its carbon footprint during manufacturing.

The project is located on the Masoala peninsula on the edge of the natural park of the same name, classified by Unesco and rich in a great diversity of endemic flora and fauna. The municipality Fokontany d'Ambatobe, engages with the association Generation Masoala to the establishment of a community nursery. The latter is supported by 3 trained nurserymen and local volunteers.

The stakes of this operation are multiple. The nursery production is community-based and open to local people who invest in the production of various plants. Some of the trees, such as intsia and rami be, will be planted in plots to be reforested, others will be planted in the inhabitants to produce various fruits contributing to the development of agroforestry. The different species will bring to the population marketable products and promote a local economy. In addition, the establishment of fast growing trees will help reduce the pressure on the wild forest by creating an energy source.

How to buy Veganbottle GO?

We offer VEGANBOTTLE GO at an attractive price.

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